Spruik is a purpose driven brand marketing agency

We help brands differentiate and grow in a sea of sameness.
Through innovative design and transformative brand marketing work, we improve commercial performance by integrating business and brand strategy into a go-to-market roadmap that delivers measurable results.
We are a diverse team of talented and experienced specialists, positioned to offer comprehensive brand development, strategic marketing, design and media services. By deeply understanding our clients’ world, we are steadfastly solution and media neutral.

Always focussing on the best return on investment for our clients’ objectives both economically, socially, environmentally and aesthetically.

Our success and longevity is based on the relationships we have with our clients.

Relationships have been formed by developing brand clarity and growing their brands over many years.

We typically work with companies that are facing a business transformation that requires them to successfully launch or reposition their brand and build a solid enduring platform for growth. Conversely, we are often engaged for a single project where
a new perspective is required.

Through a carefully managed process, we become partners with our clients to develop strong brand positioning, a unique differentiating factor, an ownable name, and a brand identity ecosystem that will make their new brand connect instinctively with their target audience, staff and investors.

Find confidence and clarity

We have branded and worked with both brand-new startups and well-established companies across a diverse range of sectors from tourism to agritech which has led us to develop and refine a seamless process to help our clients navigate each step.

Become the instinctive choice

Through leadership workshops and strategic brand development, our experienced team work with our clients to find their story, craft their visual identities, leverage their brand to shape culture, bake in the process to deliver a brand that is the instinctive choice for their market.

Our thinking

Brand-made instinct

science + art + magic + chemistry = instinct 


We believe businesses perform best when their brand makes an instinctive and meaningful connection with their audience.
Not unlike human relationships, great brands are built on the chemistry shared with the brand and its target consumer.

For a brand to be truly differentiated and the instinctive choice, it must have…


A brand has greater value when it has a strong emotional connection to a specific audience.

Brands that are meaningful are more real and of more value to their audiences than brands that are undifferentiated.


A brand that stands for a higher purpose, gets attention. A purpose-led brand simply means more to more people.

When that brand lives up to its intended purpose, it becomes unstoppable.


This is the DNA of the brand. It’s the magic that has to be found and defined. The beating heart creates the instinctive choice. This is the science + art + magic + chemistry formula.


To create an instinctive brand there needs to be a deep understanding of people. To mean more to more people, understanding and empathising are core principles.


Like people, brands serve their audience best when they act and communicate consistently. In brand management, everything is important, where a good reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose.


A good brand triggers a feeling, inspires action, earns loyalty and creates energy. A great brand finds a unique place in a person’s heart and consciousness. 

At Spruik these six principles combined with our research, strategy and design methodology create the foundation of the brand, which drives decision making along the brand development journey. Ultimately, this combination of strategic principle and design experience allows the brand expression to cut through the sea of sameness in a crowded marketplace. We pay forensic-level attention to details to ensure that we are creating not only a beautiful brand, but a brand story that is understandable, purposeful and true.


Your brand from
the inside out

From research and brand strategy to design and brand experiences, we work with our clients to find the formula that will engage customers, influence prospects, motivate employees or inspire investors.

For two decades, we’ve helped start-ups, household brands and industry leaders uncover the beliefs that make their organisation unique, inspiring and worthy of trust.

Driven by curiosity and creativity, we put human values at the heart of each brand and painstakingly craft ways to express them through every brand touchpoint and experience.

The foundation of our process is to delve deep and gain a clear understanding of your objectives, your beliefs, your audience and the story of your brand so far.

The logo is the icing, not the cake

Branding or rebranding can seem daunting, after all, there is a lot at stake.

Often new clients intuitively feel they need to work on their brand but have difficulty in getting started and finding perspective.

Rebranding or creating a completely new identity is a complex and costly undertaking, there are a lot of moving parts.

That’s why we guide our clients through a proven process, a process that puts focus and responsibility in the right areas, with a measured and above all, efficient workflow. Efficiency is our responsibility, not yours. As such, our engagements aren’t subject to hourly billing, just prior agreed project fees where the project is not completed until the client is satisfied. We don’t sell hours, we sell results.

Brand first,
click second

Technology has an unparalleled influence on our lives which has driven the average online attention span from *20 seconds in 2000 to under 8 seconds in 2018, brands have become our visual shorthand.

The digital landscape has become fragmented where online competition is fierce and the first click wins, however, this strategy will only get you so far as algorithms and platforms mature and change, this landscape is in a perpetual state of flux. 

An investment in and a focus on brand builds certainty, when all else fails, differentiated identity in your market is your business anchor. Tactics without a strong brand will fall short of reaching business goals, no matter what the environment or media.

*Price is what you pay, value is what you get

Everything we touch has a purpose. We are ever mindful of the financial implications of what we advocate and implement for our clients, whether cost savings, boosting margins, or building new revenue streams. We’re not only aware of these considerations, we’re bound by building data points and measurement.

By leveraging customer data we are able to plot your customer’s next move and improve their experience with your brand. Customers now expect brands to anticipate their wants and needs. Therefore, it’s important that we serve them relevant content to the channels they engage with on a daily basis. Helping consumers discover your brand and creating content they’re interested in is now the fastest way to business success.

*Warren Buffet

Our brand building process

An agile framework designed to get clarity fast

Together we navigate your brand journey as quickly and effectively as possible.
Through a series of interactive workshops, our strategists are able to efficiently pinpoint differing opinions and perspectives to achieve alignment. Using proven tools and methodologies, we pinpoint your brand’s DNA, differentiators, vision, and voice.

For many of our clients, this is the aha moment where they move from indecision and confusion to clarity and confidence.

When considering a new brand, a DIY approach is at best hit and miss.

Or like doing your own brain surgery.



No superficial assumptions.

Our priority is to understand the brand both from the perspective of the people in your organisation who work with the brand every day and from existing and potential customers as well as those who influence buyer behaviour.

Experience has taught us that the research requirements of each client are unique and there is no “one size fits all” solution.
We focus on gathering information that will lead to improved strategic decisions and more effective design outcomes. We separate the “nice to know” from the “need to know” so we can gain valuable insights into the most efficient and effective ways possible to turn insights into tangible solutions.

Typical deliverables

  • Brand foundation workshop
  • Management interviews
  • Qualitative research one-on-ones, focus groups
  • Quantitative research, EDM surveys, 3rd party online surveys.
  • Competitive profiling
  • Brand audit
  • Situation analysis



Defining a clear strategic direction.

By analysing the insights gained from the Discovery Phase, we’re able to define a clear strategic direction to guide the creation of a new brand if that is required.

With a “zero based mindset” we have no vested interest in changing the brand if we feel it is fit for purpose now and into the future. At this point we’re able to define where the brand may be strongest, weakest, and where its true point of difference lies, what areas need improvement, and where its differentiating elements can be maximised.
This is the point at which we typically uncover  internal versus external perceptions of the brand.

Typical deliverables

  • Brand strategy workshop
  • Brand positioning
  • Opportunity matrix
  • Brand architecture
  • Strategic brand guide
  • Audience mapping
  • Differentiation factor
  • Discover the big idea
  • Voice opinions
  • Unite leadership



Bringing strategy to life.

This really is the science + art + magic + chemistry = instinct equation.

Our creative team sets to work to craft unique and engaging ways to express your brand visually, verbally, and instinctively. We experiment with new approaches to articulate the brand identity and capture the chemistry that will define your brand. We apply science + art + magic + chemistry with exacting attention to detail.
A great brand identity is a system of elements working together to provide unity, consistency and flexibility. This system of elements with the logo at the core, while seemingly simple is a complex interplay of elements.

Typical deliverables

  • Naming workshop
  • Stylescapes
  • Tone of voice
  • Package design
  • Strategic brand guide
  • Primary brand mark
  • Secondary brand mark
  • Mockup variations
  • Image styling
  • Identity system



Launching and managing your brand.

Your brand is a valuable asset and as with any financial asset it needs measurement and management. We have developed systems to maintain and build brand value. 

Following the creation of your new brand assets, we develop guidelines for application to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency with each use.

The elements and systems established in the Expression Phase are now put into practice with efficiency. We will typically work with your internal team and external partners to launch the brand in a planned and methodical roll-out that maximises its impact.

Typical deliverables

  • Roll-out plan
  • Brand guidelines
  • Programming
  • Vendor management
  • Distribution
  • Business alignment 
  • Visual branding
  • Storytelling
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Customer experience


Brands are at their most powerful when they speak and act as one – like a human

We like to think of brands as people, so the best place to start is to understand the humans who make the brand what it is.
That’s why Spruik’s strategic brand workshops all have a focus on culture. This is where we bring together your company’s key thinkers to collaborate on and position your brand for success. The outcome is a comprehensive understanding of who you are, what your brand stands for and a positioning that authentically mirrors your purpose, vision, values, and identity.
As insights unfold in the workshops you will gain valuable insight into your business philosophy, people and purpose.
This collaborative process is where the science + art + magic + chemistry of your brand really starts to build momentum.

Culture puts context to your business and faces to your customers uncovering the values, core beliefs and emotional motivations that move them.

We discover the underlying beliefs and desires of both the humans you work with and of those you are striving to reach. We call it, Brand-Made Instinct.



You may love ice cream but if you are looking to catch a fish, a worm may be the best choice of bait.

Following our Brand-Made Instinct philosophy, we look to build your brand from the inside out. 

A brand that really understands your customer and speaks their language. By doing this we design and develop an engaging brand with a strategic purpose that aligns customer needs and ultimately creates a unique position in the market as well as their minds. We determine the competitive whitespace in your market through a brand positioning audit. This research uncovers where your competitors are failing to deliver to prospective customers.


Building out your brands ecosystem and how it engages with the audience it was designed for.

Map out and align every touchpoint that connects your customer to your product or service to create consistency and clarity. Through our media matrix, we are able to research and pinpoint which activation techniques will be the most effective for your new brand.


Working as your strategic partner to ensure your brand is generating the results you demand.

Following the establishment of a new brand, we are often commissioned to create a plan of forward-brand marketing activity that will energise the brand and drive momentum. 

We use data-driven insight to connect business strategy and brand strategy, every campaign, or piece of work we produce has to satisfy an objective. We are very clear on brand vs tactical work and don’t kid ourselves with vague notions of brand awareness in place of hits and ROI. Everything has its place and purpose. In fact, everything we do is designed to leverage a growth outcome. We have a bespoke evaluation model that we use to track and measure our campaigns from inception right through to attributable business results. We review these results face to face with our clients on a regular basis. 

No indecipherable analytics reports, no smoke, no mirrors, just the facts.