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You may love ice cream but if you are looking to catch a fish, a worm is your best choice of bait.

We design and develop engaging brands with a strategic purpose. Brands that align with a customer’s needs, speaking their language and creating a unique position in their minds as well as the greater market.

Following our philosophy of Brand-Made Instinct, we build your brand from the inside out. Our in-house creative team sets to work crafting unique and engaging ways to express your brand through images, words, and emotional impact. Based on a solid strategy, we develop a comprehensive programme that looks, sounds, moves and feels right to you and your audience. A complete ecosystem, across all touchpoints, working together to achieve a cumulative effect.

Any time your customer interacts with your brand, it’s a chance to transmit your message. Get it wrong and you’ve missed a major opportunity, get it right and you’ll be building goodwill and a stronger relationship with your audience.

Visual Identity

A strong visual identity will set your brand apart and create an emotional connection with your audience. Seemingly simple, visual identity can get lost without careful consideration and strict guidelines. Our in-house designers develop a system of visual elements with a colour system and logo at its core.

Branding design that acknowledges the past while firmly focussed on the future.

Brand Ecosystem

We map out and align every touchpoint that connects your customer to your product or service, creating consistency and clarity. Through our media matrix, we are able to research, and pinpoint which activation techniques will be the most effective for your new brand.

A New Zealand brand successfully competing in an $850b tech marketplace.

Website Design & Development

Your website is your digital home, your flagship and an interactive touchpoint for your brand. Our developers create a site around your distinct voice and visual identity, with consistent messaging and excellent user-experience. Focused on scalability, accessibility and optimisation, we build sites that convert. Once a website is launched, we use data and analytics to measure quantity and quality of traffic, using this information to make site improvements.

Building an engaging online educational resource.

Marketing Collateral

Anything used to communicate your brand message is marketing collateral. This includes all print materials and digital content. Even internal communications are a chance to reinforce your brand values among your employees. These are touchpoints and should be designed and executed to your brand standards. We handle it all and treat each item as an opportunity to communicate your story.

Communicating a communications technology business.

Tone of Voice

Just like a person, every brand has a tone of voice, a style of communicating that represents its personality. We help you develop and define your tone, based on an understanding of your values and your audience. We deliver content and guidelines that keep your messaging consistent across all platforms.

Letting the personalities tell the story.

Brand Strategy

Brand Development

Performance Marketing

Social Media

Integrated Advertising