Both Brains

Name & Brand Identity

Adding some hokey pokey to a vanilla niche.

Information Technology can be a boringly generic service and a lot of IT companies fall into the trap of presenting a generic name and visual identity to the market, resulting in an industry full of the same-same. With consistent business growth since inception and the drive to continue growing, Mint IT – a managed IT service provider for mid-to-large sized organisations – didn’t want to fall into that same trap. Following an initial Brand Audit Workshop, there was consensus that the current name and brand didn’t truly represent the business and didn’t provide cut through in a cluttered and generic market.

We wanted to draw attention to who Mint IT are as a service provider, and away from the specific services they provide. We wanted to build a story, which would resonate with their customers by weaving their company culture, standards, and expertise into every brand touchpoint. Therefore, allowing them to elevate their brand beyond services and pricing.

Both Brains takes pride in their ability to provide leading-edge, high-value technology solutions with an easy-going, ‘no-tech speak’ tone of voice. As digital natives, they understand the complexities of modern business IT, and want to help simplify that complexity. These opposing, yet complementary sides of their business and personality are what inspired their new name.

By being both visually and aurally evocative, Both Brains provides a strong platform to sell the company and brand, not just its services. It will not only help to gain new clients, but retain and develop existing clients.