Quantifi Photonics Trade Stand

Standing Out.
Cementing Position.

As an established leader in coherent optical communications test and measurement, Quantifi Photonics manufactures and markets benchtop and modular PXIe test instruments for a growing range of photonics applications, from enabling ground-breaking experiments to driving highly efficient production testing in industries from auto manufacturing to aerospace.

Competing in the world’s fastest-growing high-tech sector means that Quantifi Photonics services a diverse international audience. With a sales team on the ground in the US, exhibiting at industry expos and conferences around the world is a proven way to literally get in front of key decision-makers. However, standing out at exhibitions such as Photonics West in San Fransisco, amongst hundreds of stands is challenging to say the least. We were briefed to do just that.

Our challenge was to create an eye-catching stand that introduced the Quantifi Photonics brand, firmly position them in their industry niche and showcase flexible combinations of their hardware and software products depending on the theme of the event. A complex schedule of expos and conferences added further complexity to the brief as we needed to consider multiple floor plans at venues across the US.

In order to create an environment that not only meets the brief in terms of aesthetics, we understood there was a further need to delve deeply into the goals, process and perspectives of the sales team, to ensure a cohesive brand experience.

By understanding the needs of the business team, we strategically designed a space that considered the user journey and the importance of flow. Delivering a striking design that communicated their brand essence was complimented with a dynamic, in-booth video. In order to create a modular trade show booth for multiple expo configurations, we designed template floorplan layouts that allow flexibility of product combinations and placement.

The result – we exceeded the expectations of the client and the brief, creating efficiency with a modular build solution and designing a leading-edge booth experience that affirmed Quantifi Photonics position as leaders in their field.



Trade Stand for SPIE Expo
Man standing in SPIE Expo life size brand
Quantifi-Photonics-Promotional poster showing WIN headphones SPIE photonics west
SPIE Photonics West Main entrance motion blur of people entering expo