Quantifi Photonics

That Sets a new brand trajectory.

Quantifi Photonics is transforming the world of photonics test and measurement, so when rebranding from Coherent Solutions  it became clear that the business needed a website that would support their growing online business with a robust, scalable platform that could cope with their growing international traffic now and into the future.

As part of our brand discovery process, we had developed very clear customer personas for the brand online and mapped the online journey of each.
By doing this we were able to identify customer touchpoints at every step of the buying journey. These insights were our “north star” when it came to developing their online strategy.

Having created the brand identity for Quantifi Photonics gave us the understanding to really develop the brand’s unique visual language and help establish their presence online by producing a website that reflects their unique point of view and positioning.

With Quantifi’s competitors traditionally being more reserved in their identity, we decided to really hone in on the use of colour displayed throughout Quantifi’s new visual direction. Bold and bright colour treatments were used amongst strategically placed white spaces, to help give impact while showing restraint when required.

This colour treatment was also a source of inspiration when considering the product photography style. The outcome has produced a distinct look that cuts through in the marketplace and further highlights Quantifi as a unique and memorable brand.

Designing a clear site map helped us to create a fluid and efficient experience for their customers. Some of the ways we did this was by implementing a larger tool bar for better navigation, as well as designing product pages with tabs to easily cross reference the same product by different platforms.

A unique brand experience online, backed by quality information and imagery, has helped position Quantifi Photonics as leaders in their field while showcasing their unique point of view, making them a distinctive and memorable brand within an international marketplace.