Communicating a communications technology business.

Following a demerger, ADSEL AV Specialty approached Spruik to assist with the development of a new name and brand identity. As communications technology and audiovisual installation specialists, their scope of services demands flexibility, so their new name and brand also needed the ability to grow and adapt across both the commercial and residential sectors.

With a unique service offering, ADSEL AV Speciality needed a name and brand that would differentiate them in a saturated market dominated by industry buzz words, uninspiring names and one-dimensional brands. It also needed to appeal to a range of audiences including architects, property developers, project managers, builders, homeowners and suppliers – while also providing a platform for business growth.

Skopik – derived from the words scopic and scope – is to have a diverse but comprehensive offering, which is exactly what the team at Skopik offer their clients. Their range of services is an integral part of their brand positioning and unique selling proposition, and are what drove the rationale behind the new name and brand identity.

Creating a name that steers clear of industry stereotypes and focuses around a clear concept allowed us to build a flexible, multi-dimensional brand. Featuring a logo formed from individual components, representative of the different services offered by Skopik, dual colour palettes for both the commercial and residential sectors and custom iconography built from the various parts of the logo, we have created a brand for the future, that can be easily adapted across a wide range of applications.