Why Work With A Marketing Agency?

Why do some business owners have reservations about working with a marketing agency?

Often the limiting factor is perceived cost. Other factors include a lack of understanding of exactly what a brand agency does and how it can help your business grow.
For many businesses, marketing is one of the most important investments they can make and is often the most overlooked. In many situations hiring a marketing agency will actually cut costs in the long run by developing a strong brand and a clear strategic direction which cuts ineffective marketing spend and builds a consistent brand narrative in the marketplace which in turn drives sales.
The effect of brand building is cumulative and should be framed as a long-term investment.
Businesses will often hire a marketing manager, brand manager or a whole internal marketing team. Companies of this type will question why they need a brand agency at all if they’ve already got an internal resource. Usually, the answer is to be effective the business needs perspective, guidance and specialist resources to systemise the operational aspects of the brand internally, uncover pain points, unify brand touchpoints and ultimately see the business from the market’s point of view.

Here are 6 points to consider.



Building an engaging brand that resonates with its target audience is an area that requires some serious expertise to pinpoint the vision of the enterprise and develop a cohesive brand ecosystem. A dedicated branding agency understands the intricacies of taking a brand from concept to completion and also has the experience of working with both large and small companies that are at different stages in the business lifecycle. The ability for a brand agency to understand the big picture of your organisation and help you bring your brand to life is critical and extremely valuable.




When you work with a brand agency, you get the benefit of having a team of strategic and creative minds collaborating on your projects.
Good agencies will have strategists, marketers, designers, developers, and other specialists in house, which organically starts to cultivate new and exciting ideas. Ideas that become reality and drive growth.



Often when we start working with organisations the first thing that becomes apparent is a distinct lack of brand consistency. Disparate often expensive pieces of their brand actually working against them. Consistency, from your name, strategy, position, messaging, tone of voice, personality, website and social media identity are vital to a brands success.



A good brand agency will act as an advisor.
They will map out a clear plan that will help you prioritise what you need, in the order in which you need it, to make the most impact. It’s common for companies to approach us with a preconceived notion about the services they require. For example, we were recently approached by an established company who were ready to ditch their website and develop a new one. When we conducted some analysis on their business and their target market we found in fact the website was well built and performing consistently, it was their messaging which was confused and years out of date. Problem solved for a lot less than the price of a new website


Brand management

When the brand identity is defined and starts to scale, systems, protocols and performance analytics require systematic monitoring and reporting to you by qualified individuals. Successful brands always have ongoing needs and new opportunities will occur such as launching a new product, creating an investor video, or photography for an annual report. Your brand agency can advocate and direct the creation of those activations because the brand agency understands your brand’s ecosystem and can effectively and efficiently join the dots to deliver a flawless brand experience.


Multi-Industry knowledge

In-house marketing teams can often become islands that deal with the same stuff in different buckets for years, with the same outcomes. Partnering with an established agency that has experience across a diverse range of industries means that the knowledge gained from working in one sector can be applied to your business with often spectacular results.