Davenports Law

An enaging online experience for a new audience that delivers an educational resource.

Davenports provided us with the opportunity to be very focussed on creating the most engaging online experience for their audience.

While creating the site map and wire framing key persona pathways we determined what journeys customers would be taking throughout the site. We discovered three main personas and pathways.

  1. A prospect client reviewing Davenports credibility, services and expertise.
  2. An existing client that was looking to book an appointment or to find contact details.
  3. A prospect client coming from organic or paid search seeking advice in the form of articles and blog posts.

Our research had shown that there was a distinct lack of authorative legal content in the local online ecosystem. To this end we curated and consolidated some 150 articles written by the Davenports team to create an indexed and easy to navigate database. We ensured this section was laid out intuitively and featured a smart search bar as well as filter tags for popular search terms.

A congruent brand experience online anchors Davenports Law as a leading player in the competitive legal landscape. We built meaning into the brand and developed the most compelling way of visually communicating the brand essence and promise.