Hello, we are Spruik.

A performance-driven creative agency.

Built for ambitious brands.

We help our clients to turn information into inspiration.

We named and branded a tech support company that was in “two minds” about its name and positioning.

Our Services

Knowing exactly who you are and what you stand for is the first step to defining your brand. Using proven tools and methodologies, we work together to navigate your brand journey. Along the way we pinpoint your brand’s DNA, differentiators, audience, vision, and voice. From these insights we develop a straightforward strategy that serves as a blueprint for growth.

Our philosophy of Brand-Made Instinct, means we build your brand from the inside out. Adhering to your brand values and strategy, our creative team develops unique and engaging ways to express your brand visually, verbally, and emotionally.

Creative is  the variable, it’s what creates the emotion that connects the head and the heart.
By crafting creative and brand strategies together,  we leverage greater outcomes – converting impressions to customers and customers to advocates.

With 79% of the population regularly engaged wth social media , businesses that were only a short time ago reluctant to have a social presence are now present on social platforms and experiencing the exposure only social media can provide.
Our dedicated Spruik Social team means that your social channels integrate seamlessly with other marketing activation.

Working across digital, print, audio, video and ooh, we deliver campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our in-house media specialists will research, plan, create, execute and report every aspect of your campaign.
Driven by solid strategy, we execute comprehensive integrated advertising campaigns that connect.


We craft compelling creative work that sparks an instinctive and meaningful connection with your audience.


Finding the humanity in your brand.


We work through your strategy with you. Drawing on intuition, data-driven insight and creative problem-solving, we get to clarity fast.

Left brain – right brain.


A diverse, cohesive and easy-going team, driven by curiosity, collaboration and creativity, we live and breathe the work that we do.
We are committed and in it for the long-haul.

Not big on big egos.

brand-made instinct

When strategy, intuition and purpose-led design come together, the result is brand stories that connect.

Brands in the wild.

We help our clients bring their brands to life and make them matter more to more people.