At last, a clear pathway to grow your brand.

Consumers are tired of being sold to.
They expect brands to anticipate their wants and needs, to be spoken to authentically, through relevant content, on the channels they engage with every day, and in a language they understand.

It’s more than just having a product or service. It takes nothing less than a holistic brand experience to get their attention and earn their loyalty. 

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At Spruik we combine brand strategy, consumer research, and data-guided insights to uncover how your customers think, what they want, what they actually need, and how your brand aligns with those needs.
Our brand strategy and tactical plans are built to establish and communicate your unique value in a way that they care about.
It makes your brand matter more to more people – your people, your customers – that’s how brands get better, that’s how they grow.


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Want to learn more about Spruik?


By applying our six guiding principles, we craft brands that spark an instinctive and meaningful connection with your audience.


Finding the humanity in your brand.


We guide our clients through a proven brand development process. Combining human intuition, data driven insight and creative problem solving, we get to clarity fast.

Left brain – right brain.


A diverse team, driven by curiosity, collaboration and creativity, we live and breathe the work that we do. In it for the long-haul, we always seek to form lasting relationships with our clients.

Not big on big egos.

brand-made instinct

When strategy, intuition and purpose-led design come together, the result is brand stories that connect.

Brands in the wild.

Our Services

Knowing exactly who you are and what you stand for is the first step to defining your brand. Using proven tools and methodologies, we work together to navigate your brand journey. Along the way we pinpoint your brand’s DNA, differentiators, audience, vision, and voice. From these insights we develop a straightforward strategy that serves as a blueprint for growth.

Following our philosophy of Brand-Made Instinct, we build your brand from the inside out. Adhering to your brand values and strategy, our in-house creative team develops unique and engaging ways to express your brand visually, verbally, and emotionally.

Employing data-driven insight we develop and implement a campaign designed to deliver tangible results. With the ability to combine business strategy with brand strategy, we leverage greater outcomes – converting impressions to customers and customers to advocates.

Approaching each project thoughtfully, we begin with research into brand values and consumer insight. On that foundation we build an effective strategy and get to the business of telling your brand story with captivating creative, tailored to each platform. We help you roll out your social media programme and keep it rolling with well-crafted content, posted on a schedule that drives maximum engagement.

Weaving together compelling creative and solid strategy, we create and execute comprehensive integrated advertising that connects. Through thoughtful development and design, we deliver campaigns that resonate with the audience, building rapport and expanding their mental availability. Our in-house team will research, plan, create, execute and report every aspect of your campaign.

We help our clients bring their brands to life and make them matter more to more people.